Saturday, August 23, 2008

I love youtube

because almost anytime I think of a song from my past, there it is.

Utica Club is/was a brewery in upstate New York. I am quite sure I never drank the beer as I left NY at age 9. We had this 45 and at some point converted it to an 8-track (yes I am that old), and then to cassette... and then it was lost. But no more.

Oh, the reason I was thinking of this today? We finished taking down a dead tree in the back yard today and the seminarian started singing an old Miller beer commercial. One thought led to another....


Sandy said...

When I remember an old song I buy it for my iPod. I'm sure much of what's on there was produced before iPods were invented.

G said...

I love youtube for much the same reason - a song, a clip from a TV show (Okay, so I loved some past segments of So You Think You Can Dance), etc.