Thursday, July 22, 2010

Are your kids over-churched?

This article about over-churched kids is intriguing to me. I need to reread it and think about it some more. I did feel a little poke at some points.

By over-churched kids, I mean children with too much religion and not enough actual interaction with Jesus. Attending church is important and should promote spiritual growth, but sometimes there are side effects. In this post, I will describe the spiritual dangers these kids face. You can also read our follow up post that offers 9 strategies for reaching these kids.

This is not an easy topic and I expect some push back from readers. But this is an issue we need to address now, before we raise the next crop of Pharisees.

Read it and tell me what you think.

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Sandy said...

I've never seen anyone admit that this is happening, even though I've seen it many times. I think my own kids have struggled with everything on her list at one time or another. I think I definitely raised three over churched kids. (My own disatisfaction with church has spared my youngest from that particular malady.) So, my first thought is 'thank goodness someone finally said it out loud'. I also find it interesting that her follow-up post about what we should do with over churched kids...involves more church. Kind of like fixing the problems of public school by having kids spend more time there. She does mention mission trips and teaching, but having memorized Bible verses and Bible stories does not give a young person the life experience or spiritual maturity to do either of those things. We've all seen that done in church and it often ends badly. Simply put, our kids do not need the plethora of activities offered by most churches. Most kids would benefit from more family time far more than they would benefit from another night a week at church. So very tempted to take this long comment and make it a post on my own blog. But then, you did ask us to tell you what we think. ;)