Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekly Wrap-up, July 30

We are still in summer mode this week. This is the first year I've taken most of the summer off; we're usually year-rounders. We needed it, though, or maybe I just needed it. But I am starting to think about getting back to our routine before summer laziness becomes the routine. That will be hard, as August is pretty full of summer activities: Boy Scout camp for a week, then soccer skills day camp, then helping at our church Vacation Bible School.

But first we will probably complete our Harry Potter film fest. My kids came late to the Harry Potter party; my boy read the books last summer when he was 12; my girl is still thinking about it. But they are enjoying the movies. We watched four of them this week and the last two are on their way from the library!

We did about as much back-to-school shopping as we needed to, having gone way overboard with the paper and composition books and pencils in years past. We did get a cute notebook for my girl, mainly because she craves cute notebooks, and a pocket portfolio sort of thing for the Scout to keep track of his patrol and merit badge stuff. I love school supplies and was sorely tempted to buy more. But, really, we must learn self-control.

We also bought the boy some clothing for Scout camp. And a hat, to replace last year's hat not lost, but outgrown. Most of the summer hats are sold out now; it's retail fall! Get going if you need camp clothes!

We are doing a lot of reading, together and separately; this week we finished one book in the Wolves of Willoughby Chase series and started another.

We did dip our toes into the schooltime water by starting to read The War for Independence by Albert Marrin. So far, so good, though we are going a bit slowly through it, because we're still busy with summer.

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Cheryl said...

I enjoy back to school shopping, all the decorative notebooks and such :)

wdworkman said...

I know what you mean - I could live in the back to school supplies aisle. We had the opposite with our summer: a busy July with Boy Scout Camp, Triennium, Youth Group, etc.; now a quiet August. Have a fun, busy month!

Janet W

joelle said...

I am still waiting for the sales to start to get my shopping done. Can't wait!