Monday, July 19, 2010

New Bible curriculum for my family

The question of Bible study is a hot topic in homeschooling circles. People want to teach their children the Bible in a systematic way but don't know how. I am often asked for advice on what to use; people seem to think that a seminary student family must have it all figured out. But we really don't; we stumble along just like most everyone else. We've tried a few different programs and it seems we never find the right fit. Last year I decided to just read a book, discuss it with my kids, and have them summarize each chapter using the "who, what, when, where, why" formula. That was OK but didn't last long. I am not a Biblical scholar, and I couldn't adequately explain everything. We needed something with structure and answers, but we couldn't find what we wanted.

Now I think I've found it. Starr Meade (author of Training Hearts, Teaching Minds, among other books for kids) has just released a comprehensive Bible study program: The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Study: A Complete Survey of the Bible.

This is a four-volume set (plus answer key) of consumable workbooks covering the entire Bible. This is not a one-year curriculum. It could easily take a few years to go through. It's aimed at middle- and early high-school students, but I think an upper elementary child could work through it. (As always, much depends on the student.) Adults may find they are learning something too. Really, it would be wonderful for a whole family to use together.

There are a couple of different ways I could see using this set. I think I will have my kids do the reading and answer the questions (fill-in, short answer, and short essay type) on their own; then we will get together to discuss. If I'd had it a year ago, I think I would have done most of the reading aloud and we would have worked through the questions together. I'd love to know how other families use it.

Check it out. There are .pdfs with introductory information and sample chapters here. I would love to hear from anyone who uses it!

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