Thursday, July 08, 2010

Heat wave

When we moved to Philadelphia 3 years ago, we knew we wouldn't like summer much. We lived in Oregon for only 9 years - pretty much my kids' lifetimes, not so much of mine or the seminarian's - but we had gotten used to the beautiful summers. Not too hot, no humidity. No cicadas.

I remember so well our arrival here in August. We had told the kids of all the cool stuff there is to see in Pennsylvania. Gettysburg! Valley Forge! Betsy Ross's house! But it was so hot and sticky we couldn't move. We just stayed inside all day, unpacking boxes and reading.

We haven't gotten much better with the heat. The last few days have been brutal for us, with temps around 100. Yesterday had to be a big yard-work day, too, which was not popular. We had planned today to go to a folk festival about an hour away. But it's going to be over 90, with a chance of thunderstorms. Ugh. My kids love fairs and festivals as much as anyone - particularly fairs with a historical theme - but who wants to hang out by the blacksmith when it's 95 degrees? (Who wants to be the blacksmith?) So we're staying home with books and DVDs and a friend or two.

I wonder what life would be like if we'd chosen the seminary in Jackson, Mississippi?

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