Wednesday, May 28, 2008

And now for something funny

While one kid does a math test and the other works on an art project (I am a homeschooling mom, after all), I read this hilarious article my husband sent me:

Cold Irony: Arctic Sea Ice Traps Climate Tour Icebreaker

You can figure out the punchline already. It's a fun read.


Sheryl said...
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Sheryl said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAheeheehee! Well, at least they've got their sauna to keep them warm while they're stuck in the ice!

Sandy said...

You may be the last blog left, that I read, that hasn't jumped onto the Green bandwagon. Is it just me or is America quickly losing her mind over 'global warming'?

Marbel said...

Sheryl - this gave us quite the interesting lunchtime conversation today. How much CO2 do you think was generated by that huge ship and all those nice amenities?

Sandy - as a Christian, I believe in doing what we can to take care of the earth we were given. (I bet you do too.) I just don't buy into a lot of the nonsense. And, honestly, if a bunch of "green" tourists taking a cruise on a huge icebreaker is not nonsense... it also helps that I have an engineer husband who reads a lot and understands more than I do. Those tourists have a bigger "carbon footprint" than I do, I bet.

DADvocate said...

Hilarious! I'm sure they'll blame this on the unpredictability of weather due to "climate change."