Thursday, May 15, 2008

Will we ever go back to Oregon?

My pal Mrs. Darling (whom I only got to meet in real life twice) asked if we will be going back to Oregon after my husband graduates from seminary.

That is a really good question.

When we left Oregon, we had the plan to return in 4 years. People at our church said they would welcome us back and though never, ever were there any commitments, there was a feeling that there would be work for him there. We kept our house (we have the most wonderful people renting it) so we would have a place to go. We looked at this as a temporary move.

Now that we have been here for a full academic year we are not so sure about going back. First, the life of our church moved on without us. People left, new people came - people who don't know us and who won't necessarily care if my husband comes knocking on the door looking for a job.

Of course our lives have moved on too. The pull back to Oregon isn't as strong as it once was. We wouldn't plop right back into our old lives. People change. The friends my kids miss so much now will be 4 years older when we return. From 10 - 14, from 8 - 12. Those are some years full of change for a kid. Who knows how much they will still have in common? Who knows who will be the best friends of the girls my daughter misses the most?

I miss my house and big yard, but I was never real comfortable there. We were alone, no neighbors, on a busy road. I was always edgy at night. Here, I'm more at ease. And, our old place is changing too. Where there was a field across the road from us, and then a view across the valley to Mt. St. Helens, now there are houses. They were just starting to build when we left. That view is gone. Next year it's likely that a big hunk of land adjacent to ours will be open for development. They will cram 6 houses to the acre there. We will be an island surrounded by walled subdivisions. Who needs it?

So we don't know. We think we would like to, but we are not sure. Now this will sound weird to some of you, but we are just waiting on God to lead us. That's how we ended up here, you know? I would never have picked this life. Really, can you imagine me a pastor's wife? I sure can't. But here I am.

But if we do get back to Oregon, either to stay or for a visit, I have a lot of people to catch up with!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Lalalalalalalala, I'm not listening.....

kerri @ gladoil said...

Ahhh, but what about the weather? Surely you miss the weather! :)
Today it was 90 but next week it's supposed to be back to cold and drizzley. Now who wouldn't miss 10 month of cold and drizzley. Be honest now. :)

Marbel said...

The weather! How did I miss mentioning the weather?!

Right now I don't miss Oregon weather. It is very much the same - nice lovely spring days, then rain. Lots and lots of rain. In fact I am not sure but it could be rainier here than in OR. At least I don't remember a lot of long relentless rain that flooded streets (could have helped that I lived on a hill).

Now, wait till July. You will hear my complaints about the weather loud and clear. I will miss Oregon very much then. Because it will be over 90, all day every day, maybe 60 at night, and it will be muggy and there will be cicadas humming ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT LONG and the mosquitoes will be eating us alive and I will be crying out:

"When can we go back to Oregon?! I miss the wonderful Oregon weather!"

Barbara Frank said...

I'm enjoying your posts comparing your old home to your new one and describing how you're waiting on God to lead you all. We're waiting on Him, too...last year we sold our home of 20 years when my dh's business failed. We moved to another state, where he is starting up a new business. We're renters for the first time in 27 years. Don't know if it'll work out here or not...waiting for guidance. Sometimes it's scary, but most of the time it's exciting!

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)