Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

I don't like a big fuss over "hallmark holidays" or even my birthday, but I do admit that I enjoy it when my family acknowledges Mother's Day. This morning nothing was said till my girlie looked up suddenly and said "Oh, Happy Mother's Day, Mom!" Then there was much whispering and eye-signaling between her, the boy, and Dad, with Dad closing it by saying "we're in kind of a rush this morning." (We are always in a rush on Sunday morning, even though church starts at the same time every week. Amazing. It's like being stressed out because Christmas is coming too fast. Easter, I can understand.)

Then she presented me with an "oral coupon" for help with the dishes. Which is pretty funny since she usually helps with the dishes anyway. I'd love an oral coupon for a good room cleaning without complaint. Ah well, we can dream, eh?

I am usually a little sad on this day, not because I don't get appropriate veneration but because I miss my Mom, still, after 6 years.

Last night I checked out "cafemom." (Thanks, Ed.) Interesting site. I was dismayed to run across a conversation thread wherein many women complained about their husbands' lack of care to provide gifts or other acknowledgment of the day. I wanted to shake them by the shoulders and say "Then tell him what you want!" I just don't know that most men think about these days the way women do. If he didn't have a Dad to buy a gift for, I am not sure my husband would notice Father's Day. Hey, wait a minute... I buy that Father's Day gift for his Dad... Well, actually it's a team effort. As it should be.

Father's Day is usually a little bit bigger deal around here for one simple reason: I am home with the kids, I have the time and opportunity to take them on secret shopping trips, I know where the card paper and glitter glue are. Though as my festive little girl gets older, she is taking this kind of thing over from me. Go for it, girl!

Why am I blogging and rambling on Mother's Day? The kids are out playing with the dog, Dad is busily finishing up his Sunday School lesson for tonight. I am off to read.

I wish all mothers a happy day. And keep your expectations in check, please. Then get ready for Father's Day!


Anonymous said...

OH, so you are aware it is Mother's Day and you chose to send me a negative comment about me. You are rude and down right mean hearted.

Marbel said...

GS - Still trolling, eh?