Sunday, May 25, 2008

This is how Saturday should be spent

OK, in my opinion.

Up early-ish, long leisurely breakfast (see previous post) with lots of conversation.

Then outside to work - dig, mow, weed, prepare planting holes... whatever.

Quick lunch, dinner prep.

Quick run to the nursery to buy some more plants: a hydrangea, basil, cilantro, red bell pepper, thyme, a maple tree!

Come home and don't even go in the house: just get those plants in the ground. Plant those seeds that you've saved from 2 summers ago. (They might grow.) While planting, discuss the concept of 6 days of work, 1 day of rest each week. Though how anyone can consider planting work is beyond my comprehension.

Clean up and relax: read, sew, play with the dog (who does not like shovels or the tiller), a new computer game, whatever.

Put away the mountains of clean laundry generated by multiple loads of wash. Really away, in the right drawers and everything.

Simple dinner: beef roast rubbed with cinnamon, cumin, paprika and red pepper, browned and put in crockpot early in the day with some chicken broth and red wine. Tunisian carrot salad made early in the day. Brown rice in the cooker. Don't forget that open bottle of wine.

More sewing, more reading, more playing.

Then sleep for those weary muscles.



Sandy said...

That sounds like a wonderful Saturday indeed.

Sheryl said...

Yes, it does sound like a good & productive Saturday. We spent ours in a very similar way. Except for the roast beef - we had split-pea soup that hubs took out of the freezer.

SmallWorld said...

Yes, that sounds like the absolute perfect day.

Gillian said...

That sounds absolutely perfect. I'll have to try that roast beef spice blend!

We've been spending a LOT of time gardening lately too. And I find it to be very meditative even when its just digging holes.