Friday, May 30, 2008

I don't like Subway, but I feel like eating there today.

Wow, I had seen the HSLDA alert about the Subway contest that was closed to homeschoolers. But it took a few days to realize people were organizing boycotts and petitions to allow homeschoolers to participate, even though the prize is obviously not meant for someone's backyard: $5,000 worth of sports equipment.

Way to not look like a bunch of goofballs, guys. Here we homeschoolers talk about the superior educations we give our kids. We teach them to think, really think, not like those public-schoolers who just learn facts to spit out on the test, only to forget them, right? And then we go nuts over a dumb contest put on by a sandwich shop.

Yes, I know that they could have included a clause that if a homeschooler won, they'd have to donate the equipment to a school. They just didn't.

If people have to get cranked up about it, how about a writing a nice letter to Subway reminding them that homeschoolers exist (which they know, of course, since the contest had a clause excluding us), and to think maybe of having a contest next time that wouldn't be obviously inappropriate for them? Maybe they'd write back and send some coupons. Still, it would be better to just ignore it, keep buying subs where you normally do and get on with your life.

There is real discrimination going on in this country, people, and it's not about homeschoolers and sandwiches. There are bigger problems than whether or not the CEO of Subway thinks homeschoolers are cool. I've read a few pieces here and there about children feeling bad about it. Great, now homeschoolers are raising their children to be victims, too. Don't we have enough of that going on?

Dana has some thoughts on the subject, and as always she says it better than I do: the original post, and her followup, requesting protesters to call off the dogs. I like the way that sounds.


SmallWorld said...

It's such silliness. HELLO people! We opted OUT of the system! Good grief.

Dana said...

I wondered about the comments about how children felt about this, too. And had similar thoughts. What child is going to know about it unless their parents tell them? And how worked up are they going to get about it if their parents just tell them Subway is having a contest for schooled youth?

Sandy said...

There are lots of things in the world worth fighting for...this isn't one of them.

Barbara Frank said...

This didn't sound like direct discrimination against homeschoolers, from what I heard. More like an oversight.

Re: discrimination against homeschoolers, when my eldest finished high school in 2001, she applied at the corporate offices of a well-known credit card company. She had two great interviews, passed all the tests with flying colors, and was doing great with the final interview until she mentioned having been homeschooled. The manager immediately went cold on her, ended the interview and she didn't get the job.

At first I was mad, then I figured it was their loss. And she did end up getting a better job. But I haven't used that company's credit card since....moral: don't diss the offspring of a homeschool mom ;)

Edward said...

BTW, Subway has responded to the homeschoolers, and apparently are creating a new contest — one that all children can take part in, regardless of education setting. Here's the link:

Edward said...

Sorry, link was cut off. New, tiny link:

Marbel said...

So everyone agrees with me; who are all those thousands who signed a petition to force them to let us in?

Thank Edward for the new contest information. You're good to have around.