Friday, May 09, 2008

Heart of the Matter Friday Meme: How We Socialize

I just laughed when I saw this topic come up. I was getting things set up to leave early in the morning for a field trip with our homeschool group. The family room was messy because we'd had friends over earlier in the day. We're in the midst of planning some summer reading get-togethers with friends.

How do we socialize?

We know "the S word" comes up with people who don't understand homeschooling. People worry that our kids will be isolated and develop no social skills. Like all kids who go to school have stellar social skills?

Anyway. Here are ways we socialize:

- Homeschool group activities, including weekly park days during nice weather.

- Church.

- Neighborhood friends.

- Girl Scouts/Cub Scouts.

- Little League.

- Soccer (upcoming in the fall).

- Other classes, such as at the nature center, or a PE class.

Since we moved last summer, our homeschool group has been a real help. I actually got connected with them before we even moved here. When my husband and I came out on a fact-finding trip, I was able to join some of the moms as they waited for their kids during an art class. We kept in touch throughout the summer as I prepared to move, and within the first week we were at a park day. I can't say we have made any deep friendships yet, certainly not like those we had back home. But we are out and about and having fun.

Soon we will take our dog to obedience training and might meet some folks there. We are thinking of agility training (he is a fast and happy runner!) so might meet people that way. There are no shortages of ways to socialize.

And, let' s not forget about our family. Even though it's just the 4 of us, we like to be together. We don't always need other people around. We want to be our own best friends.

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Angela said...

Sometimes I think we're too social when the calendar starts filling up. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Homeschoolers don't socialize. Don't you know that? LOL! Thanks for sharing!

crumbsonmyfloor said...

Loved your comment. Thanks for stopping by. I hope to stop by your place and read some more, the kids are calling me...gotto go.

Heidi @ Southpaugh Homeschool said...

Thanks for sharing!!