Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Discipline in homeschooling

Yesterday I posted about our new routine that I hope to start soonish. We had started a little; we'd slacked off on our daily Bible reading but got that going again, then added the catechism back in, and today added in math. Practice worksheets from previous lessons; one reason I love MathUSee - the online worksheet generator! Anyway, tomorrow we'll add in something else; Latin, I think. And so we'll go.

Anyway, back to the point. I was lamenting the stricter laws in PA, which are new to me, coming from easy Oregon. I said (among other things), that I am "looking forward to developing the discipline of doing more tangible work."

It didn't occur to me then that that was a rather silly statement. Who is responsible for my homeschooling discipline? The state of Oregon's laws didn't prevent me from being more disciplined. I could have done that all by myself. I even know some Oregon homeschoolers who could prepare wonderful and complete portfolios for their children, even though the law does not require them to.

So, I will be forced to be more disciplined and produce some work that someone - a school district evaluator, or a friend or relative, or a grown-up homeschool graduate who can look back on the work he did as a kid . And if we go back to Oregon, as we hope, plan and pray to do, I hope I will find my new discipline to be easy to carry on, whether the law requires me to or not.

What are you not doing in your homeschool that you would like to do, or think you should be doing?


Becca said...

I'm the same way! I often find myself wondering why it was so hard to keep the house cleaned up until I knew company was coming - it's just the knowledge that I HAVE to have it all clean that gets me off the couch and on my knees in the bathroom. ;-) And I am much more purposeful with our school schedule knowing that we will be interupted for a time in December/January after the baby gets here. Anything to light a fire under me.....

Thanks for your comment on my blog earlier today. I wrote a comment in response to it on my blog.


kerri @ gladoil said...

I don't produce much tangible work in our homeschool. We read a lot. All the projects and such seem to take up a lot of time and create clutter. I suppose I would have a difficult time in Penn.

The idea that I have to justify myself to a school official would just chap my hide. Like they are doing such a good job with the kids in their care that they need to worry about ours.