Saturday, August 18, 2007

Why not New Jersey?

In an earlier post about PA's homeschooling laws, I recommended that anyone planning to moveto eastern PA, and homeschool, should consider New Jersey instead. NJ's homeschool laws are very easy, I'm told. I think they have to... do nothing. Or something similar. Anyway, that was a facetious comment, but even before we moved people were telling us to live in NJ. On the map NJ looks close to us, but... practically speaking, it would be really inconvenient.

We are now about 2 miles from the seminary, so it's been pretty easy to live with only one car. And while not much goes on at the seminary in summer, during the school year there will be opportunities for fellowship and learning that would be difficult to access if we lived far away. I can take classes, and am already enrolled in a Bible study workshop in October! We'd also like to be able to have casual get-togethers with other students. So... we live in PA.

My homeschool group is full of informed and fearless women who are helping me find my way through the laws! Some of them dream of moving to New Jersey... but for now they are here and I'm grateful for them!

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Kate in NJ said...

We would welcome you with open arms in New Jersey!
Thanks for coming over to check out my blog, I'm enjoying my visit at yours.