Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New doll joining the family

My little E has been saving up for a new doll for a while. She still loves her "Bitty Baby," Sarah, but she is ready for a big-girl doll now. She had been looking at the American Girl dolls but when I showed her the dolls at Vision Forum she fell in love. She had enough money right before we moved, but it was a bit impractical to place the order then. So she's been waiting... very patiently.

Yesterday we got our internet service; this morning she asked if she could order her doll. We went to the VF site and looked over all the dolls again. She chose Fidelia because she looks most like she could be Sarah's big sister.

And imagine my surprise when I discovered that the dolls are on sale! She was very excited to learn she would not have to part with as much of her money! What a wonderful gift.

It'll be interesting to see how this doll fits into the family. E has gotten angry with us when we haven't shown Sarah the proper deference as a member of the family. Last year I received a Mother's Day card from Sarah, addressed to Grandma. Since I am old enough to be my kids' grandma, that did not please me so very much! But then Daddy got a Grandpa card so I felt better. Anyway, I wonder if Sarah will get moved down the pecking order or will maintain alpha doll status...

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