Thursday, August 30, 2007

The other day I wrote about my kids being outsiders at a social event where no care was taken to help the kids in attendance get acquainted. Last night we went to another event that was much different.

This was the meeting of a Bible study group from a church we visited. We were invited by a homeschool mom I met while chatting after church. The hosts were seminary students and coincidentally, I happened to meet them at the first event (where my kids had such a bad time). It was interesting to walk up to these people and inform them that my family was the new one coming to their home the next night!

It was quite a different night. Everyone engaged the kids in some way. Though there were no boys anywhere near the age of mine, and he was slightly bored (aren't we all sometimes) he did a lot better. There were several girls so E had a good time right from the start. They were the very girly sort of girls so the 10 year old boy was not particularly welcome in their bonding sessions. Nor was he interested in being with them.

What a difference to a kid a little attention and empathy make. At one point the woman who invited us asked my boy if he was having a good time. He just said "no." Before I could say anything she said "That's OK to say that. I know it's hard for you now. It's tough not having any other kids around." Later we talked about more tactful ways to answer such questions while still telling the truth...

So, one bad evening, one better evening. Maybe next time there'll be a boatload of boys and no girls. That's the way it goes. At least this time the adults were a little more... oh, I hate to use this word, but... sensitive to the kids in their midst!

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