Tuesday, August 07, 2007

There is a pit bull sleeping on my back deck.

This morning we saw her wandering around the yard. No collar. Sad eyes. Expressive ears. We took some water out; she sniffed it and walked away. It is horrid water; we drink filtered water but sorry, dog, you want a drink, you get tap water. E wanted to put out some food, but the only dog-appropriate food I have is some leftover steak, and that's for our dinner tonight. Sorry, dog, no steak for you either.

E was excited and couldn't wait to tell J. He has been wanting a dog for a long time and is anxious to get one. We will, but we don't do things quickly around here, especially when they involve long-term commitments. So we have all been praying about the dog situation: that we'd find a dog, the right dog for our family, and that we'd (J) be patient while we wait. And that we'd show our interest by researching dog training, etc.

When J came in, E pointed the dog out right away. I predicted his response: "Oh, a dog! Our dog?" he asked, brightly and expectantly. As if we'd engaged some overnight dog delivery service to drop off a dog but no food or other dog accessories. I have to admit I had a moment of wondering if this was God's response to our prayers, but that instead of the perky Lab puppy we all want, we'd get a grown (maybe? how do I know?) dog of a breed I know only bad things about.

She's snoozing quite contentedly in the shade.

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