Friday, August 24, 2007

Gomez Addams, Homeschool Advocate

In the library the other day, I was looking for something in the dvd section to give me some intellectual stimulation while folding laundry. I was delighted to see that one of my favorite '60's series, "The Addams Family," was out on dvd. I loved this show and watched the reruns over and over when I was a kid!

The first episode on the disc was titled "The Addams Family Goes to School." The truant officer visits the Addamses because Wednesday (6) and Pugsley (8) need to be in school. Of course he is amazed by what he sees in the Addams household, including one of Wednesday's dolls - she's been decapitated. "Grandmama told us about the French Revolution and she's Marie Antoinette!" Hm. Obviously these kids are a little different...

Finally he presents his case to Gomez, who wants nothing to do with school. "But everybody sends their kids to school!" the truant officer cries. "Ridiculous!" says Gomez. "Why have kids if you're just going to get rid of them?" He points out that the children have a fine tutor in their grandmama. He shows the truant officer Wednesday's animal husbandry project: breeding spiders. Undaunted, Mr Hilliard explains that he's talking about academics: reading... "What is there for a 6 year old to read?" "But Mr. Addams, someday she'll be 26!" "See ya then!"

Some more gags, then during a nice family scene where everyone, including Uncle Fester and Grandmama, pursues their interests in the parlor - while Lurch plays Chopin on the harpsichord - we find that Morticia wants the kids to go to school. So off they go.

The nice lady in the office assures Gomez and Morticia that the children will be very happy at school; Gomez replies: "If we wanted them to be happy, we'd have kept them at home!"

There is a conflict with the school curriculum, it gets resolved (sitcom conflicts always get resolved, remember) and it ends with everyone happy about the school arrangement; the children will continue to attend. A '60's tv show couldn't go too counterculture, could it?

I guess the idea of keeping the kids out of school was supposed to be just another weird thing about the weird Addams Family. Who knew Gomez was ahead of his time?

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kerri @ gladoil said...

I've seen that one!! We laughed all the way through it!! What a kick to be backed up by the Adams Family!! :)