Saturday, August 11, 2007

Posts like these get me all fired up...

to simplify, to make my home look nicer, to be more frugal, more creative in my homeschooling. To be more deliberate, instead of always haphazard. To be more joyful. I don't actually do any of those things, but they make me want to.

Making home the best place to be from Life Along the Homeschooling Journey.

Living Well on Less... with Kids from Like Merchant Ships.

Simple Daily Journaling from Eyes of Wonder.

Be it Ever so Humble, There's no Place Like Home from Dishpan Dribble.

Abundant Provision from Falling Like Rain.

Right now we're still tripping over boxes and trying to find homes for things. Downsizing to about half the space is, um, challenging. We left a lot of furniture behind; in our old house there is a separate little bedroom away from all the others; it's now called Miss Havisham's room and it contains the antiques and other funky furniture that we knew wouldn't fit here. I'm thankful to have the place for it, even though I miss some of my - my mother's! - things. Well, maybe we will have them again, if we go back to that house, or a bigger house in the future. Now, it's time to get this house in order and make it a place we enjoy...

Today I told a friend of mine that I hadn't had much time to read blogs. Well, I wasn't lying... I just made some time today!

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Mrs. Darling said...

Glad you found my post inspiring. Now you've inspired me to go to those other links and see what inspriation I can find.