Monday, August 13, 2007

New routine... starting real soon now

So we've been in our new home for about 3 weeks and it's time to get into our new routine. It's hard when some rooms are still cluttered with boxes that have no place to go! But the kids are getting restless and we have to do more than read fun books soon.

I know where all our materials are and we have a place to work. Not the place I want to work! But a place nonetheless.

I've typed up a new routine and it looks like this:

September 2007




Christian Almanac

After-breakfast Cleanup



English Grammar

Health/Safety (a PA requirement so I thought I should put it in)


History (not daily)

Science (not daily)

Prairie Primer (not daily)

History, science, and Prairie Primer will include some writing.

Writing workshop - this is something we plan to do with our homeschool group.

Arts/crafts - on the day not working on the writing workshop stuff

This year we actually have to produce some work that someone can look at and touch - PA law requires a portfolio of work to be reviewed by the school district. This is going to be new to us and will be challenging, especially to J, who does not like to write. I don't love the PA laws (draconian compared to Oregon; I didn't realize I had it so good!) but am looking forward to developing the discipline of doing more tangible work.

Oh, another requirement is PE. Well, we walk and/or bike almost every day; the kids play on the play structure or play tetherball in the back yard. Tonight we met the dog next door, who we learned likes to run along the fence on his side while children run along the fence on our side. So lots of running happened tonight, and will again. The homeschool group also has a PE/swim class; if that doesn't work out we'll take the parks and rec swim classes. PE, yeah, got it covered.

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