Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Church picnic in my backyard tonight...

and 90% chance of heavy rain.

So far only about 40 people have said they are coming for sure. But I know from experience I'll get calls later today asking "is it too late to rsvp?"

I figure I have semi-comfortable indoor seating for 25. Should be interesting!

Update: Did I say 25? I meant 20. Forecast now saying just 80% chance rain.

Update #2: According to the radar, the storm looks like it's moving away from us. Someone is bringing a spare foldup table. Oh, the count now is 15 for-sure adults, 4 maybe adults, 3 teens, and 11 kids aged 11 and under. So that's only 33. No problem.

It's that 11 under 11 that scares me.

Final Update: The last of the 31 people left at 9:30. (OK, that's not very late but remember most of the people have young kids.) The rain came and went; there was enough time for the kids to burn off some energy (or maybe get more energized) outside before they had to come in. The griller did not get too wet. It was a bit tight in the house, but no one seemed to mind. All the food was good. The thunder and lightning started in earnest as people were leaving. My boy made a connection with a boy from church that he'd never really talked to much before.

Events like this are so much fun. The food doesn't really matter (though having good desserts always help); the size or condition of the house don't either. It was noisy and hard to move around the kitchen - because even though it's a tiny kitchen people will hang out there. There were some bad spills, but that's why I buy cheap tablecloths. The kids ate too many brownies and not enough salad, but there's always tomorrow to be nutritionally correct. Well, maybe the day after, when the leftovers are all gone.

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kerri @ gladoil said...

It sounds like fun. Hope it all goes smooth for ya! :)