Sunday, July 27, 2008

Loss leaders

Today we made another pass through Office Depot to take advantage of their weekly school supplies discounts: binders for 50 cents, glue for a penny, composition books for 30 cents, colored pencil sets for half a buck. We go through and only pick up the super-cheap advertised items, up to the limit, and only the ones we know we will use. The bill came to $6 and change; the savings listed on the receipt was $19.75.

As we were leaving the seminarian wondered what the employees think of the folks who come in and buy only the loss leaders. I am sure we would not want to know. Should I feel guilty that the transaction cost the store more than it made?

Those composition books can make nice gifts for people who like notebooks (such as young girls). They can be covered in fabric or beautiful paper, trimmed with ribbon or rickrack and look as nice as a fine journal. But I probably shouldn't say this because at least one of you might be getting one this Christmas... oh, who am I kidding, we only say we are going to make gifts, we never actually do it!


Barbara Frank said...

My kids work/have worked retail, and they've told me the store mgrs don't mind people who only buy the loss leaders because it gets them familiar with the store and they eventually come back and buy higher-priced items.

However, they really don't like people who come in and take 20 of a sale item, leaving nothing for everyone else. I don't like those people either :( They're the reason stores end up saying "Limit 1 per customer."

Sounds like you got some great deals. Wish we lived closer to an OD. I used to shop there a lot when I lived near one.

SmallWorld at Home said...

Thanks for the reminder--I need to get to Staples and Office Depot!