Friday, July 04, 2008

July 4th Thank You Project

Sandy at Falling Like Rain has been asking people to participate in the Thank You Project: bloggers thanking our armed forces for all they do.

I have to admit I don't think about our armed forces the way I ought to. My father served in World War II in some way I have never been clear about. He was a civilian working for some branch of the military, doing flight training in Arizona (I think). I don't know why I don't know more about it. Maybe he was somewhat ashamed because he did not "really" serve, as in combat, like his only brother who died in a submarine. My brother served during the Vietnam years but was not sent there. I have a nephew in the Navy; he also is a flight instructor.

Maybe I don't think about the military much because I have been spared the ordeal of a family member in combat. War has never really affected me at all.

So even though I felt I ought to take part in Sandy's project, I couldn't think of a way to do so. So I will just say to my little band of readers: think about those people today. The revolutionaries who dreamed of a new country, free of the King of England. The Civil War soldiers who either fought to preserve the Union or fought for their new country. The people who fought (and supported the effort at home) during first two World Wars. Those who went to Korea - do we ever even think of Korea? Those who went to Vietnam, maybe even thinking it was a worthless cause, and were vilified on coming home. The men and women in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq. Maybe you think the current war is a war for oil. Maybe you think we don't belong there. Remember that there are people who are volunteering to go, and some to go again - they believe we are doing good there. And all the places and times I've missed, when American soldiers were working to preserve our freedom.

Our country has become so lazy, I think, about our freedom that it's easy to forget about these people. We need to remember what they have done, and what they continue to do for us.

And we need to thank them. Even if that seems inadequate.

It sounds so cliche' but it is true: Freedom is not free. I think we may be learning that in a hard way before too long. I wouldn't want my son to die fighting a war. But I will raise him to be prepared to do that if necessary.

This is a Lynyrd Skynyrd song; maybe some of the words are not appropriate for all listeners.

You can see more of the Thank You Project here. Thanks Sandy!


Sandy said...

Thank you for posting.

Christina said...

Great post! Wonderful video!
Happt Freedom Day...