Tuesday, July 01, 2008

First day of 2008/2009 school year

Today I can start counting "school" days for my new homeschool year. Yesterday the seminarian started his summer session too - 3 hours of Hebrew 4 days a week. The kids' summer schedule will be a little lighter. We are going to restart our basic skills work - a little math, a little writing, etc., and are also starting a reading/mapping project using Paddle to the Sea and the study guide and maps from Beautiful Feet Books. I have had this for at least 2 years, waiting for the right time to use it! We'll also move on in history - I am so sick of Story of the World but have no good reason not to finish, and will just read some interesting science books. We didn't finish North With the Spring yet (yes, I know it's summer!) and then will read Fabre's Book of Insects together, then maybe some of the science books by Virginia and Alvin Silverstein. All of these are books I've had stashed for a long while; I think the only new purchases I will need to make this entire year will be math books, a real science curriculum (maybe) and some grade-level test-prep workbooks.

One thing I have noticed now that I have to count days - we don't do any work on days that don't count. Once I completed my 180-day grid, I checked out mentally on all but the fun stuff. We haven't touched math, phonics or spelling since about June 15. Which is fine, mostly - everyone needs a vacation - but the skills get lost so fast. The boy had a birthday so has some thank you notes to write. Yeah, that counts.

The kids also signed up for summer reading at the public library. They don't really need the incentive to read but who can pass up free Dunkin' Donuts and water ice from Rita's?

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