Saturday, July 05, 2008

It's great because of the shopping?

This morning I came across Forbes Magazine's list of 20 best places to raise a family. The rankings are based mostly on school district SAT scores and graduation rates. So Marin County, CA is on the list, even though it's prohibitively expensive and (though the article didn't say this) full of self-absorbed rich liberals. But other than that, it is a beautiful place.

Anyway, my county is #9 on the list and here is what Forbes has to say about it:

Home to some of the upscale Main Line suburbs of Philadelphia, Montgomery County earns solid marks across the board. Residents can find ample shopping opportunities in Bala Cynwyd's fancy boutiques or the King of Prussia Mall, the largest shopping center on the East Coast. For history buffs, there's Valley Forge National Historic Park, plus scores of annual Civil and Revolutionary War re-enactments.

Shopping first!

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edwardherda said...

We're a culture of consumerists. What better than a mall or suburban strip to highlight our newfound history? Buy, charge, buy. It's the American way.