Friday, July 18, 2008

One reason I'm glad I don't live in California anymore


Voters to decide on naming sewage plant for Bush

In San Francisco, natch. (Well, could have been Berkeley, too.) Because he was an icky President.

What mature, evolved people, eh?

Couple of updates:

1. Apologies to friends and loved ones in the Golden State. Remember, I lived there most of my life and I turned out OK.

2. The SF Chronicle has a story on it, of course. Supposedly this started off as a joke, a satire, and then grew. The comments were overwhelmingly positive toward the idea, of course. I particularly liked the one that said (something like) Bush removed all dignity from the office of the President. What a hoot! His predecessor did that all on his own, starting even before he took office when he answered the "boxers or briefs" question on MTV. It went all downhill from there. I can't believe anyone is foolish or blind enough not to see who started degrading the office.

3. I might not be happy with the next President (in fact I'm almost sure not to be) but my kids will learn that we respect the President, even if we respectfully disagree.

4. Maybe I just don't have a sense of humor.

5. I do miss the bread.


SmallWorld at Home said...

"I might not be happy with the next President (in fact I'm almost sure not to be) but my kids will learn that we respect the President, even if we respectfully disagree."

That was one of the many things I respected so much about my husband's grandfather. There would be a huge political debate around the dinner table invariably whenever an election year rolled around. He would just listen and then quietly end with, "Whether you like the president or not, the most important thing is to pray for him."

edwardherda said...

I think the sewage plant bit is quite funny. On another note regarding ol' G-Dub, it's not who was bad first — it's simply who was bad. If you start trying to figure out who "disgraced" the oval office first, you'll neck high in colonial garb.

Here's an interesting article from the LA Time — a book review, rather, on what may be considered "The Dumbest Generation." Enjoy:

Sandy said...

I'm starting to believe that what is happening to Pres. Bush is persecution. Yes, I am saying that I think he endures these kinds of personal attacks because of his faith. How else do you explain the absolute love fest over (Bill)Clinton and Obama, and the absolute hatred for Bush? I know many would say it's because of the war and I'm sure that is true to a point. Any president who sends our troops to war will be unpopular. But, this is different. As a believer, I am starting to think there is a spiritual element here that most of us have overlooked. If people give me strange looks and rude comments now because of my beliefs and choices, I can't imagine the pressure and persecution that would come with something as visible and weighty as being president of the United States.

Marbel said...

Ah Edward, you are good to have around. Maybe Bill Clinton just did his disgracing in a much more public way than those in the past. of course we could argue for years whose actions were "worst."

Mrs. Smallworld, I like that attitude!

Sandy, wow!

DADvocate said...

The idea is pre-adolescent humor at best. That it gets on the ballot speaks volumes about the collective psyche in Frisco.

I doubt this joke would get more than a few chuckles amongst most sane teenagers. Rather than a "tribute" to George Bush, San Francisco will have a monument to their own collective stupidity and immaturity.

Sandy said...

I think Dadvocate has a good point here. My teenagers would roll their eyes at this story and move on to something more intelligent. If you can't at least make an effor at logical argument, they aren't going to give you much time. Honestly, I think they're more concerned for their generation than we are. And I for one, am quite concerned.

kerri @ gladoil said...

I have to agree that what is going on with President Bush is plain persecution. I shudder to think of God giving us the president we actually deserve..

Pixilated Mum said...

*eye roll*

I live in California ... but I always make sure to let people know that I've lived everywhere else, too.


edwardherda said...

Look what you did, WA? We're supposed to be learning about homeschooling, not bickering over G-Dub's faith vs. Obama's brand presence (wait did I say brand presence?). Nonetheless, faith did not put this country into economic strife — Obama's team could keep it going, as could McCain's. But they're not up yet. G-Dub may very well be the most economically and morally and damaging president this country has ever had.

But, #1 reason I'll be happy when he's out of office: we'll all be able to pronounce "nuclear" properly again.

Marbel said...

Wow, this is the most excitement I've ever had around here.

Um, Ed, that is a pretty provocative statement. Most damaging? Ever? Economically - Jimmy Carter? LBJ for starting the welfare state as we know it?

I think history will be kinder to GWB than you think. As for this election, I guess whoever has the most compelling brand presence will win, eh? Gah.