Sunday, July 20, 2008

Girls' weekend

This weekend the boy and his dad are off at Cub Scout camp. It's a two-nighter so my girlie and I have a lot of time on our hands.

I already wrote about going to see the American Girl movie. That was pure whim and I'm so glad we did it. I probably should have been prudent and planned it for the matinee, but we had time Friday evening so we went. Since it was just the two of us, and we had a small popcorn, the cost wasn't too high. But the benefits were (as the ad goes) priceless.

Saturday we went to a Celtic Festival/Dog Show. Yeah, that sounds weird. It was held at a local historic home (there are a lot of those around here); one of the early owners was a dog lover. So we listened to Celtic music, browsed the dog-related items in the booths, ate what was possibly the worst hot dog I've ever had in my life (oh, the irony!), and watched the many dogs around the place, none of whom were as cute as our dog Max. In fact, I am not really allowed to even imply that any dog is anywhere near as cute as our dog. Any time we comment on a cute dog, we have to say "NACAM" which means, of course "not as cute as Max." Aahhh... life with a girl.

While on a house tour we got to see one of the "commonplace books" the woman of the house kept. That got us on a kick to start keeping one. We'll see how long that lasts. I'm predicting: not very. Books like that get lost quickly around here.

After that we ran a few errands, including a stop at Office Depot for this week's super BACK TO SCHOOL bargains. Tomorrow a new week starts with new bargains! We love school supplies. OH! She found a cute journal for her commonplace book. I prefer cheap composition books which I cover with nice paper just before I lose them.

When we got home we tried to get some work done but it didn't work very well. Whenever someone is missing from the house for a long period, the rest of us can't quite settle down. I feel edgy and restless. Not nervous or worried about the missing person(s)' safety, exactly. Just... restless. We're kind of like the dog in that way. He keeps going to the boy's bedroom to look for him.

We walked the dog a few times and had the emergency frozen pizza for dinner. And popsicles. They are real fruit popsicles so I can rest easy that we had a nutritious dinner.

The last thing we did was try to watch a Flintstones dvd we picked up at the library. She watched politely for a while but I soon realized she was just being polite. It didn't seem very funny to me and it was obvious it wasn't to her either. And, Fred and Wilma were pretty mean and insulting to each other! I hadn't noticed that as a kid. She asked if she could go to bed and read.

They'll be back in the early afternoon today, sweaty and smoky and tired. Girls' weekend will be over but by then it will have been long enough.

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