Saturday, July 26, 2008

Did you know this about John McCain?

from Gateway Pundit:

Obama Talks About Lifting a Child In Bangladesh From Poverty... John McCain Already Did

I guess there's no reason that I would know that John and Cindy McCain adopted a baby from Bangladesh years ago. And this alone is not a reason to vote or not vote for a particular candidate. Still, when I hear what Obama says, and see what other people do...


DADvocate said...

Maybe this is a trend between liberals and conservatives. Al Gore talks about global warming and environmental issues but uses excessive amounts of energy at his home. George Bush's Crawford ranch is extremely environmentally friendly.

Now, Obama talks while McCain has already acted.

Mrs. Darling said...

I still cant believe that when it gets right down to the wire that the American people are going to fall for Obama. BUT... at some point in time the people will indeed fall for a man like this if Revelations is to come true. Now of course our dear friend kerri laughs at me about that since they dont teach the antichrist among the reformed. I laugh with her of course but I do wish I could believe like she does. I just cant. I really think the antichrist is going to be a real person still to come.