Saturday, July 05, 2008

Not here, not yet

I love Instapundit's recurring line:


we'd see schoolboys punished for refusing to kneel and pray in class. And they were right!

But it didn't happen in the US. Not this time, anyway.


Anonymous said...

This actually has happened here before, in California, I think. Sorry, I don't have a link to it. I do remember parents being upset that their children were being forced to plan a 'jihad' as part of their class.


Marbel said...

Sandy, yes, thank you, I'd forgotten about that.

After I posted this, I wondered... how many Christian parents would let this slide for the sake of being tolerant, multi-cultural, and to avoid making trouble? Or maybe the question is, how many have?

I'm glad those kids refused even if they did get punished. Otherwise no one would have known about it. I hope my kids would have refused. I am pretty sure one of them would. The other might still be a afraid to.

Sandy said...

I know my three oldest would have refused. The other one is still too young to understand most of it, but I think he would have refused as well. I don't know why anyone with an honest and sincere faith in Christ would 'let this slide'. I do think that part of the reason my kids would have known to refuse to participate is because we homeschool. We have had so much more time to discuss our faith and that of others, without experiences like the one in this classroom. I'm not sure how kids who are exposed to this kind of thinking every day are going to resist it. It will just seem natural to them. Also, there have been a few times when my kids have had to stand up for what they thought was right, even with adults. In every case, as long as we didn't think they were being disrespectful, we backed them up. I think they have to know that if they are ever faced with those kinds of decisions they are strong enough to do the right thing. Can you even believe we are having to have this discussion?

Marbel said...

Oh, I wish weren't having this discussion but I think it's one more families need to have. I think of those reporters in Iraq who professed a conversion to Islam (falsely, they said) to save their lives. My kids are young, so we don't get too deep into it, but we often talk about the need not to deny Christ if they are ever in a situation where that is called for. (Of course I don't know if those reporters were Christian, I'm making a bit of a leap there.) I realize that many people wouldn't consider that a child participating in a school activity on world religions would be denying Christ but it's certainly a step in that direction.