Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One fun thing about blogging

Anyone can look at my sitemeter and see that this not a well-known blog. I know pretty much who is here most days: family, real-life friends, blogging friends. I have gone through spurts of wondering how I could make it more interesting, get more page views, even make some money here. But mostly I don't think much about it.

But once in a while I get a surprise. Today that would be the comment from author Linda Tagliaferro, who noticed one of her books - Palace of Versailles - on my kids' homeschool portfolio lists. She was kind enough to leave a comment. Naturally, I checked out her web page and found that she has quite a diverse bibliography. My kids will be thrilled to learn that I heard from a real author and I'm sure we'll look for more of her books.

And, she's a homeschooling Mom, too! Well, her kid is grown now but once a homeschool Mom, always a homeschool Mom...


Birdie said...

What a neat experience! Getting to meet an author (even just online) makes the book seem even more interesting, doesn't it?

Pixilated Mum said...

Oh, how totally awesome that is! How very, very cool.

Keep on blogging!