Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Fun stuff going on.

Tonight I set up a Facebook page for Two Kid Schoolhouse.  There's nothing there yet, and I am not sure what I'm doing, but hey, you could come check it out.

My next project is to get that big "F" Facebook button for the sidebar.  But I have a few other things to do tonight that might be more important, like taking care of my family and reading a book I've been asked to review.  (More on that later, but, wow, I was asked to review a book!)

This is all part of my effort to keep learning and not be a clueless middle-aged internet dinosaur.  (Back in my day, we just had newsgroups!  And we were happy to have them!).  Yeah, I know - too late.


Cheryl said...

I checked it out and liked you on FB :)

Kerri said...

Review a book? Cool! I hope it was one you wanted. :)

One of my friends daughters said that blogging is vintage. haha

Marbel said...

Cheryl - cool. Hope I turn it into something useful and interesting.

Kerri - well, actually, it turned out not to be. Sigh.

Carolina Mountains said...

Everything is on Facebook these days - you can't be without!