Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday morning joural

It's a girls' day here!

The men are out camping so in a minute my girlie and I are off to pick up a friend for brunch. We had to squeeze this little social event into a few hours this morning so we arranged a brunch date. Pancakes, raspberry syrup, tea.

After we take our friend home we're going in search of some new yarn. I finished a scarf last night and wanted to wrap up in it. It was so cold in the house. So I want to make a shawl.

Yes, I am getting old.

What is happening at your house this morning?

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wayside wanderer said...

We had a scout weekend here, too. My husband and son went backpacking in a torrential downpour. While they were doing that I was home thanking God that I am a girly girl. :D I knitted a scarf while staying cozy, and then us girls made an ear piercing outing and stopped in at Sprinkles for cupcakes. Now I have wet, dirty, disgusting laundry to be tackled today. I like your breakfast idea. That sounds fun.