Saturday, October 09, 2010

Saturday morning journal: What's Mom up to?

The alarm went off at 5:30 am.  Actually, two alarms went off, so we'd be sure to wake up.

My boy has a robotics competition today at a science museum downtown. His ride came by at 6:30!  They have to be there early to set up. We're going down at a more civilized hour to watch the competition.  They're "battlebots" so I'm picturing a robot demolition derby.  I hope I can get some pictures.

Yesterday while reading the Weekly Wrap-ups I was amazed, as usual, at all the cool stuff homeschooling families are doing.   But I started wondering about the moms.  Are they pouring all their creative energy into their homeschools, or do they have some left over for themselves?   What about moms of schoolkids?

What are the moms doing apart from their kids?

It's that "mother culture" idea again.   I know I was just talking about this the other day but I can't stop thinking about it.  Well, I can, and do, stop thinking about it for large chunks of time.  But I come back to it, often.

So tell me about your Saturday plans and (or?) tell me what you are doing when you are not fulfilling mom duties.  A Mom's weekly wrap-up, you might say.   I know Kerri paints and draws.  Some of you do a lot of reading.  There are great knitters out there, and seamstresses, artists, builders.

Of course if planning cool homeschooling projects is your thing, I'd love to hear about that too.  Leave a comment with a link to your own post, if you like.

Now, while the rest of the family is still asleep, I'm going to read my Bible a bit (I'm in the book of Isaiah) and then some more of Black Lamb and Grey Falcon.  After they are up and I can make some noise, I might work a little on a quilted wall hanging that's been kicking around for about a year.  It's fall fabrics and I'd like to get it done and up before it's time to decorate for Christmas! 

Later I might mess around with the Facebook page a little.  Oh, and that book review I mentioned the other day? Well, turns out the book and I were mismatched.  It was sort of a review/promotion idea and I found I couldn't promote the book.  So my career as a book reviewer is over, at least for now.  It was fun while it lasted!


christinethecurious said...

I'm going to work on the knitting pattern I'll be self publishing...eventually.


SmallWorld at Home said...

You know one thing I do apart from my kids? I blog! That's the fulfillment of my need to write at this point in time. And I also run lately, which is strange for me but so very enjoyable.

Dusti said...

that's a great question. first, in our homeschool we do not do many projects. we spend time outside and i encourage art and creativity, but I do not prepare hands on stuff.
i find time to garden, take walks, visit with friends (usually while the kids play with their kids), and for me spending time playing with my photos and writing on my blog is "me" time. :)
blessings-have a great saturday.

Crystal Jeffers said...

well for me, I am cooking dinner for my brother, his gf and her son. In between getting ready for their visit and taking my oldest to the thrift store I am going to work on my crocheted shawl. Its really all about me day. :) LOL

Samantha said...

I do pour much of my creative energy - and just plain energy in general into my kids and our homeschool but I have come to expect that at this season of my life. I know that this season will not last forever and I will have more time for myself and creative pursuits in the future.

I do make time to blog and since I love to write, that's a great creative outlet for me. I've also been enjoying dabbling in sewing a bit again as my daughter is working through a beginning sewing course this year.

Regarding this Saturday (yesterday now), I took my boys to their Saturday morning bowling league in the morning, stopped by the library book sale (love the library book sale), went to Super Walmart for much needed groceries (hate Super Walmart) and then came home. Very tired from a day away from home, I watched a movie with my teenage daughter and then just snuggled up for an early bedtime and did some purely-for-pleasure reading.


Annie Kate said...

I blog, drag the kids along on nature walks, preserve veggies, and hang out with them and my hubby. And I take naps. :)

The kids do take a lot of energy, and that's the way it's meant to be at this season of life, I think. But I no longer micromanage them when they get older, and that helps.


Annie Kate

Marbel said...

Wow! Nice to see you all. Lots of good stuff going on. Happy to see it!