Thursday, October 28, 2010

NaNoWriMo: Almost ready?

Only a few days till NaNoWriMo.   Monday morning we start!

Our second wireless keyboard is on its way from West Viriginia.  Now we have one keyboard per person.  The kids are very excited to have their own.  My girlie asked if she could have the original Dana because... she doesn't know why.  Sentimental, I guess.

We've been going through the middle school workbook a little.  But we're also busy with other things so aren't spending a lot of time talking about our stories.

The kids set their word counts and now I need to have them figure out a words-per-day goal.  The boy has a camping trip early in the month that he has to account for.   Of course there will be other days we don't have time to write.  I frequently remind them that other schoolish activities will go on next month too.  I think they're picturing a creative writing extravaganza with breaks for x-box and Dr. Who.

My word goal is 50,000 - set by NaNoWriMo, not by me -  so that's about 1,700 words a day.  Frightening!

I'm feeling like we should have been doing more preparation:  more character development, more plot outlining. We're doing it the way we do most things:  just flying by the seat of our pants.

Where did that expression come from, anyway?

So I'm scared and excited.   And trying to figure out a festive way to kick off the month on Monday.  I hope the 2nd keyboard will be here so we can go to a cafe and write.  The kids are just dying to do that.  Me too!


wayside wanderer said...

Last night my youngest dd set up her NaNo account. She is 13 and has several friends doing it, too. I think it is exciting to see young people doing this!

Sandy said...

Gotta love the internet...