Friday, October 08, 2010

Weekly Wrap-up: The as-normal-as-it-gets edition

This was a pretty normal week.  Maybe a little boring.  We focused on our basics work (math, English, history, science, Latin, PE, music), had art and writing classes, and did some good reading.  I don't have any cool photos of fun experiments or fabulous projects my kids are working on.  We didn't have any field trips this week, either!  (I'm hoping to get in something good next week.) 

I wasn't going to post a wrap-up today because of our rather mundane week.  Photographs of Life of Fred math papers, writing class assignments, and programs for battle robots would be pretty dull, wouldn't they?  But I changed my mind because sometimes the week isn't full of fun and exciting stuff.  Sometimes we just have to stay home, sit down, and get some work done.  It can be hard sometimes to convince my kids that that's true; sometimes I have a hard time convincing myself!    But it's not always fun and photogenic.

My kids aren't big on projects anymore.  We read, write, and talk.  We talk a lot.  Some of our best homeschooling moments occur at the dinner table.   Our days of making a model of the Nile delta in a lasagne pan and a pyramid out of sugar cubes are over.  I am not sure I miss them!  They were fun days, but I like what's going on now too.

I've been talking and thinking about relevance a lot lately. My kids are at the age when the things they are learning have to be relevant to their lives.  They are asking "why" a lot more now.  Not "why is the sky blue" but "why is this important for me to know?"   But that really is a topic for another time.

Enjoy more Weekly Wrap-ups at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.   And post your own!  You don't need an exciting week and lots of photos.  I just noticed that Kris (our hostess) had a quiet week too.  We all love reading about the things other homeschoolers are doing.


Ellen said...

Great post! I love reading about what others are doing, even if they're not "building roller coasters" (thanks for the imeage, Mom Seriously!); we don't do that, either.

My posts are often short on photos because we don't do a lot of hands-on projects. We never really did -- they are NOT my thing! Luckily, my girls love to read and be read to; that's right up my alley. :-)

Marbel said...

Ellen, I've always wished I could give my kids a complete education just by reading aloud to them. We love it. They are 11 and 13 and still love being read to.

Dusti said...

oh i so hear you. we need to stay home too. i love field trips and friends but there has to be balance or i'm a stressed mom and lets face it homeschool doesn't get done if we're not home.
i love talking with my kids. they seem to learn so much through discussion. what a precious time this is we have with them.

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

Sounds like a great week to me! The Nile in a lasagna pan sounded very familiar...we did one of those. As the kids get older, it is more books and talking, and running around with their activities! I miss some of the projects--but not all of them! LOL