Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The messy family reforms: Containers!

I have a container problem.

My space isn't big enough to store all my plastic food containers. The cupboard ends up a jumbled mess of mismatched containers and lids. It's a huge hassle for me. It wastes my time and stresses me out.

So I pulled everything out of the cupboard and put it in this bin. As I use a container and lid, I attach them before putting them away.  It's an inefficient way to store, but it's the only way I can keep them together.

At some point I'll get to the containers with no lids, and lids with no containers, and I will throw them out. I used to keep them in yet another cupboard, awaiting the day the missing part would catch up. But it is futile. As futile as packing a duffle bag of unmatched socks into a moving van in Oregon in the hope that the socks were somehow waiting for me in Pennsylvania, like family members gone on ahead.

If you have a similar problem, check out Simple Organized Living's food storage giveaway. I'll be signing up for this one.


christinethecurious said...

OH yeah, I hear you on this one. Right now, most of my containers are full of freezer jam and chili - in the freezer.

I threw away the oddballs this summer (it felt like Cinderella and the shoe trying to match up the lids) so now, I need to buy more when I'm at the store - I keep forgetting.

I have a huge pot of apple sauce to freeze though, so I need to remember today at the store!

Kerri said...

Oh, yeah I hear you! And the whole keeping them until the other one shows up, heheh. I just buy cheap ones-no kidding myself with buying nice containers-and then I don't feel so bad when I throw them out. Or use the Nancy's yogurt ones.

Linda said...

I keep all my lids in a bin, stacked on their side like ones togather so I can easily see them. I have the containers on the shelf...I still manage to lose tops...I don't know how that happens!

Pam said...

That sounds like a good idea to weed them out. About once a year I try to match them up and throw out the unmatched ones. And then out of the blue the missing part shows up later.