Saturday, October 16, 2010

On my meme-free week

So last week I didn't participate in any of my usual memes.  Oh, I guess I did one that just fit in with what I was blogging about anyway.  I noticed:

I didn't miss it a whole lot.

I didn't visit as many blogs as I usually do.  Just the ones in my reader, no new ones.  I didn't go to the memes since I didn't post. 

Traffic is way down (not to say it was ever high), but comments are mostly up.

My house is a little cleaner.

My laundry is a little more caught up. 

Memes are fun.  They give something to write about for those of us who like to write but don't always have anything to say. They bring people to the blog, but those people don't always come back.

It's fun to see the sitemeter numbers go up.  Not so fun when they go back down.  I'll admit that. But I like it that people are talking back to me more.   So keep talking! 

Why do you blog? Is it in the hope of becoming well-known, or making money, or promoting a cause, or simply as a venue for writing?  They are all valid reasons.  Tell me about your blogging philosophy.   If you read blogs but don't have one yourself, what stops you from jumping in?


Crystal Jeffers said...

I blog because I want to. I am a busy mom and sometimes its nice to have the space to get all those thoughts down into a cohesive space. I love sharing our adventures in unschooling and showing people (the few who look) what its like to just allow children to learn from life. I love sharing my creative accomplishments. I am new to blogging personally, there are few blogs I read before but honestly until I started blogging myself I didn't read them all that often. I chose your blog to follow because I love to read how other homeschoolers are doing it and your blog is interesting, as well as done often enough to make it interesting.

mrs darling said...

I use to have great and lofty goals for blogging. Now that IM starting on my 8th year of blogging those goals have changed and I pretty much just blog when i feel passionate about something...or when I feel like it's time for an update. I know, I know, I am not the person to ask. I rarely put out anything of claue anymore. I did just update my homeschool blog though! (ahem)

mrs darling said...

that is suppose to read, "I rarely put out anything of "value" ..huge typo in first comment!

wayside wanderer said...

Blogging for me is what scrapbooking is for others. It is just a way for me to document what interests me, what my family does, what I am up to. in a creative way....but mainly the focus is on my interests. I am in that transitional stage of life where I only have 4 more years of homeschooling left and I want to cultivate interests outside of homeschooling.

Blogging has helped people who already know me in real life to know me better. I love the comments I get from ladies at church about what they have read on my blog.

It has also helped me to dwell more on the good in my life which in turn helps lighten the hard things.

And then there are the wonderful people I have met. I don't feel like I am so much a writer, but I love thinking and communicating and I like being challenged with new ideas.

I have no plans to make money or to become well-known. The idea of having many visitors overwhelms me. I really like having a sense of who my readers are and I find them to be very pleasant and encouraging.

Maria said...

Well, I barely have an email,haha. I don't have facebook like many of my friends & neighbors...and family...even my mom has a facebook! My husband and I are slow to move on such things...we actually own a computer that doesn't even have power point (not this one).

So, I read blogs but don't have one. What stops me from jumping in? I'm not sure...I toy around with the idea but I don't get around to the idea. So, I guess it's procrastination that stops me...that and I don't think I have THAT much to say and be interesting...though I do love following the memes so that would be a good place to start.

I like the idea that it gets the thoughts out of the swirls in my mind and puts them neatly somewhere else :)

I follow this blog and some others regularly though. They make me smile, laugh, sigh and one, in particular, moves me to tears on occasion.

Maybe I'll make my New Year's resolution to take the blogging plunge.

Kerri said...

I mostly blog because I've been home all day with a bunch of kids and I starve for company!

I like to meet people that have some of the same interests as me. I like to meet people from different parts of the country and see what life is like where they are. And if you only go to a person's blog that you are interested, but have no blog of your own it's harder for them to get to know you in return.

I also like the scrapbook aspect of it, though I didn't notice that for a while. But going back over old stuff.. kind of fun too.

I haven't thought about making money until this last few months and trying to get somehow more into the art world. Quite frankly, my husband is a contractor, the physical labor is getting harder and harder on him. I think what maybe if I start now I could build something that could take stress off of him. So that plays in too. We've been self employed all these years and it isn't like someone is going to be sending us a pension. So, yeah, that too.

Marbel said...

Thanks for all your comments about blogging! I do have a lot of fun with it, but have to say feel a lot less pressured since I haven't been memeing so much.

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