Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ten observations from my morning walk

An impromptu Top Ten Tuesday post, inspired by my early morning walk.

1.  The best time for a morning walk is just before sunrise when it's light enough not to stumble along but not so bright the sun is shining in my eyes.

2.  It's hard to pray while walking an active, curious dog.

3.  I need one of those shrubs that turns bright red in the fall.

4.  High school boys ought to know better than to sit in the middle of the sidewalk, forcing cranky middle-aged ladies to step into the street.

5.  People who don't clean up after their dogs are at best rude, at worst sociopaths.

6. I need to actually plant some mums rather than just keeping them in pots on the porch.

7.  The scent of fallen leaves takes me right back to West Seneca, New York, where I was born and lived for my first 9 years.

8. Why can't we just wait till all the leaves are down and rake then?

9.  I'm sick of seeing skeletons hanging in trees.

10.  I love fall and love my pretty neighborhood.

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Maria said...

Great top ten!
I also love fall...and you're pretty neighborhood. My husband does wait til every leaf falls and then makes a leaf pile big enough for Jack's giant and the kids play in it for about a week...then it drives me crazy enough where we drag all the leaves on a tarp into the "woods" (that's really a thicket but the kids insist it's the woods).

wayside wanderer said...

I'm impressed you are out walking early. Way to go! My dh and I like to walk in the evenings after the sun goes down, but walking during Halloween in the dark is always interesting with all the inflatable ghouls. blech.

Birdie said...

Fall is my favorite season, but I could do without all of the gory Halloween decor!

Annie Kate said...

Hey, I could have said anyone of those things! You seem to think just like I do during walks. LOL


Annie Kate

Kari said...

I felt like I was walking along with you! :) I want one of those red bushes, too--so pretty! Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog. My other two just weren't as clingy so it's definitely different this time around. But I really am trying to enjoy the moments and keep remembering how quickly it all passes!

Marbel said...

Now that I've noticed them, I see those red bushes everywhere. I just have to stop into a nursery to find out what it is.

And is it just me or is Halloween getting uglier every year? It is around here, anyway.