Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Potato salad

I was pondering a side dish for tonight's dinner while  I rinsed out an empty mayo jar to put in the recycling. And right there on the label there was a potato salad recipe that sounded perfect so I decided to make it right then and there.  It is called Bobby Flay's Green Onion Potato Salad and here is the recipe for your dining pleasure.

One note:   I am out of red potatoes so used russets; I prefer the more waxy reds for salad but hey, we must persevere through these trials.  It is still fabulous.  I think I ate my serving just sampling.

One more note: I often come across recipes that call for jalapenos, so now I buy a bag at the produce market and freeze them. I just cut them open, take out the stems and seeds, flatten them out, and put them in a ziplock bag. I pull out what I need when I need them.  Very easy and helpful.

Hey! This worked for me so I'm linking to Works for me Wednesday!

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wayside wanderer said...

This sounds yummy and thank you for the tip for freezing jalapenos. I've been growing them but I never thought to freeze them.

Potato salad is one of my all time favorite comfort foods. When I went away to college I would go by a bbq place and pick some up and then eat it for breakfast! I think I was homesick. :D

week and we really enjoyed it. We all think it needs some jalapenos along side of it, too!