Saturday, March 22, 2008

Drop Everything and Read Day

Drop Everything and Read Day is celebrated on April 12, children's author Beverly Cleary's birthday, each year. It's just a day to celebrate books and encourage reading. Most homeschoolers don't need any extra encouragement to read, but it's fun to have a special reason for celebrating books.

This year April 12 is a Saturday, which is a bummer for us. I see there's a Girl Scout thing on the calendar, and J is sure to have a baseball game. Still, we will read that day, but not as much as I would like for such an occasion. But, I may declare the Friday before as our day to "just read." Every now and then we - I mean I - just read for as many hours as I can stand.

If you like a little incentive, see Becky's Book Reviews: D.E.A.R. Reading Challenge.

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