Sunday, March 09, 2008

Hostile Homeschoolers

This post has been rattling around since the California homeschool ruling and was helped along by Falling Like Rain's post "What Will Two Cents Buy Me in California?"

Most homeschoolers have encountered hostility somewhere along their homeschooling road. Sometimes it's from family members, sometimes from friends, even strangers get into the act. It should be expected, at least till homeschooling is considered as much of a default option for education as public school is. So, not in my lifetime!

But there are a lot of hostile homeschoolers too. Since I've been reading about the court decision in California (saying that homeschooling parents need a teaching credential), it's really ratcheting up.

From snarky comments about teacher union reps to anger over "stupid judges," there's a lot of righteous indignation out there. And I wish people would tone it down, because that attitude is harmful to homeschoolers. In particular, Christian homeschoolers should absolutely not be indulging in insulting, hostile commentary. Really, what kind of witness do you think you are when you make insulting comments about "ignorant public-school supporters"?

Let' s keep the level of discourse up here. If someone asks you about homeschooling, assume goodwill and curiosity on their part. If the grocery clerk asks "what, no school today?" you don't have to go off on the fact that education isn't limited to "school hours." Just answer the question, politely and positively. Keep the negativity off the blogs, too, please.

You want the nonhomeschooling public to have a positive view of homeschooling? You have to give it to them. How are you doing on that?


Sandy said...

It seems to me that these types of negative comments make homeschoolers look bitter; like we have a chip on our shoulder. They DO NOT make us look like we are capable of educating our own children, when it's obvious we don't even know how to communicate with other adults. I've missed reading your blog lately and just read everything on the home page. Funny and smart as usual.

Sheryl said...

I agree with you completely. It always upsets me when I hear Christians getting snarky about, not just homeschooling vs. public schooling, but things like politics too.

They don't seem to see or understand that they're slinging just as much mud as the "other side".

I know people that do this and when it's brought to their attention, the justification starts. "Yes, but it's not the same thing..."

Oh, really.

Uh-uh. Not a good witness at all.

Edward H said...

The best way to be non-hypocritcal? Have no opinion at all.