Friday, March 28, 2008

Only 40 more days!

Today we completed 140 of the 180 days of education required by our state. Only 40 more days of keeping my log of educational activities, of trying to figure out how to "count" something we do. I guess E is doing science right now, as she is planting some chive seeds in a little pot she found on the porch. And J is doing PE as he and Dad are having some batting practice.

After we complete our 180 days we'll take a couple of days off to celebrate, then start up our regular activities again. 'Cause even if the state of PA says we've learned enough for this school year, we know we haven't.

Our legal school year ends on June 30 so we'll start counting for next year on July 1.

I still think having to record days and educational activities is just dumb, but I'm getting used to it.

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