Friday, March 14, 2008

Scrappleface on Pastor Wright

Don't usually get into the satire sites much, but my husband left this for me to read and I think it is just too funny:

Video: Obama's Pastor Teams with Veggie Tales

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, recently-retired pastor of Sen. Barack Obama’s home church in Chicago, announced that he’s teaming up with the producers of the Veggie Tales children’s videos to promote his own brand of biblical race relations for boys and girls.

There's more.. The last line keep cracking me up.

I kinda miss Veggie Tales. We watched them a lot, but the kids are over that now. I wish we'd kept a few of the classics around. This morning I found a few great clips. My personal fave was that classic power ballad, My Cheeseburger, sung by Mr. Lunt. The Larry Boy theme had a pretty good r&b groove, too.

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kerri @ gladoil said...

We liked the Larry Boy song too, and I can't ever look for a hairbrush with out singing "Oh where oh where oh whhhhheerrrree.."