Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Knitting again

A few weeks ago while cleaning up my closet I came across my bag of knitting supplies. I organized it a little and pulled out a ball of cotton yarn, a pair of needles, and an index card with an unnamed knitting pattern scrawled on it, and started to knit. It was nice to pick up the knitting after, oh, at least a year, I think.

I spent a couple of days working on a dish/washcloth and discovered I was making too many mistakes so I pulled it all off the needles to start over. And something weird happened. I couldn't remember how to cast on. I had just done it a day or so before, but I couldn't get it. It was late in the evening and the computer was shut off so I couldn't just go look up an instructional video. I tried several times and almost started crying! I thought I was losing my mind. I wondered if that was how senility started: with a simple, known skill just being lost. Lost! It was gone.

First thing next morning I went directly to the computer and found the instructions. Oh! Of course! How could I forget how to do that?! If I think too much about it, that event still scares me a little. But I have successfully cast on every little project since.

Still, I am not a real knitter. I can knit only rectangles, and only with pretty simple patterns. Someday I may get a little adventurous and try to learn to do something more complex, but for now I am happy with my little cloths and scarves. I like keeping my hands busy when I am watching a movie and I get pleasure out of using these little items.

Here are two lovely sites with knitting to admire:

Finished Projects at Wayside Sacraments

Waffle-Knit Dishcloth Pattern at Homespun Living

Places to buy yarn, and find patterns and instructions:

How to find your local yarn shop: Knitmap

Sugar and Cream

Lion Brand Yarn

Crystal Palace Yarn

Knitting Tutorials on YouTube

Please send me your favorite knitting sites!


wayside wanderer said...

What beautiful yarns you have! Oh, what a treat to just look at them all.

You know something...that forgetful thing has happened to me, too. Even with casting on a few days ago. I just sat there looking at my fingers and my yarn. What is that?

Thanks for the mention. That is very sweet of you. I just found big mistakes in my latest dish cloth. I think for every real dish cloth I have knitted there must be at least 2 or maybe even 4 ghost dish cloths that were unravelled.

Marbel said...

WW - thanks for stopping by.

I wish that were my yarn! That photo was snatched from the Lion Yarn website. I should have put up a photo credit; done now!

Someday maybe I will need yarn that fine. Right now it's mostly gotten with a few wools/wool blends for scarves!