Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Works for me: foldup tables

For the past few weeks I've been looking at Works For Me Wednesday posts and wondering what to post about. Is my life so chaotic that nothing works for me? This morning I saw it: my collection of foldup tray tables.


These are still called TV tables in some places. Remember eating TV dinners while watching the family's favorite shows? I do. We had some rather ugly metal ones with some sort of design in black and beige, if I recall correctly. They'd probably go for a bundle in a vintage shop now, if there had been a way to get the rust off. The set I have now is similar to the one pictured. $8 a pop at Walmart on sale one day.

Our tables are in use a lot. Or, they're folded up snd out of the way. Right now there is one acting as a temporary kitchen island holding a cookbook. (I have a counter space problem.) When we have company we scatter them around the living room so people have a place to put their coffee cups and dessert plates. I can set one next to the computer and stack books on it when I'm doing homeschool planninng or updating our book inventory.

Sometimes we even use them as TV trays!

I would love to get some cuter tables someday. But the cute ones are just a bit more costly than my utilitarian ones. Imagine using these to serve tea at your garden party:

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wayside wanderer said...

These are cute! What a great idea.