Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday morning journal

It's 7 am here in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and the sky is bright blue and cloudless.  It's going to be hot today but the morning air is cool and the grass is wet with dew.  The only reason I know that - the only reason I'm up and about so early this day - is that my dog needed to get outside.  My dog is pretty good, but he barks at the squirrels that taunt him from the trees.  So if he has to go out early in the morning, we take him out on his leash. .

Usually he and I go for a fast walk around the neighborhood, but his need appeared urgent so we just strolled around our back yard.  The grass needs mowing!  But its wetness felt good on my feet.   It was very quiet; other than birds I heard only the hum of traffic from the Turnpike.  No one was out and about; not even the squirrels were making noise.

This is the first day in weeks that I have no early-morning agenda.  The first morning I didn't wake up with a burden of things to go:  get the kids to soccer camp, call the health insurance company about new coverage, go to VBS.  My only pressing task today, other than catching up on laundry and supervising house straightening, is to make a batch of cookies for a picnic tonight.  My schedule is pretty much my own.

I hope to make a nice breakfast this morning and linger over coffee rather than choke something down quickly before running out the door.   I hope to be productive today, but not frantic.

What is your Saturday morning like?  Is it a time to sleep in and catch up on rest, or is it just as busy as the rest of your week?   Is it a time to clean the house in a frenzy because there's no other time to do it, or is a lazier time?

Leave me a comment and tell me about it, or put a link to your own post.  I've been having fun linking up to blog memes lately; maybe it would be fun to start my own.  But I need you to jump in!


SmallWorld at Home said...

I like this! I used to have a blog/real life friend who did "simple saturday pleasures" and I miss that.

wayside wanderer said...

This is a nice post. I am glad you get a leisurely day to enjoy. My saturday is going to be that way, too. I have things I want to do but nothing that I need to do. The house is quiet, the dog is snoring, the next door neighbor is hammering and if I swivel my chair I could watch hummingbirds outside my window. Have a blessed day!

Maria said...

Most Saturdays are busy with games of seasonal sports. But I most look forward to early morning coffee chat on the porch with my husband before the world wakes up.

Shelby said...

I love the idea of just being home on Saturday. In fact, most Saturday we hop out of bed, rush to the van and yard sale for deals of the week. Not today. Just stayed home, caught up on house keeping and felt WONDERFUL!!