Friday, August 06, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Off to Camp Edition

Where did the week go? Cliche, I know. Even my kids have been noticing how fast time slips away.

There were two main events this week: the completion of the Harry Potter Film Festival (we are all caught up now) and the Boy Scout's marathon of preparation for summer camp. This involved shopping, packing, phone calls, and lots of reminders about proper dental hygiene. Poor guy; he has an orthodontist appointment the day after he gets home.

Remember that nice clean desk from yesterday?

This is how it looks when my Scout is getting ready for camp. If you click to enlarge, you can see I'm acquiring some new photo skills, helped along by my 11-year-old. Note the word "acquiring." Don't be too critical.

Why not just look at the rest of the living room too? At least he's leaving tomorrow. It was only like this today; yesterday his room was the staging area and I didn't have to look at it.

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But it wasn't all camping prep. I also ordered more homeschool stuff and made more plans. I had planned to have the children check in on their math books so see what was left to do before moving on, but I only managed to remember to get one to do it. I was delighted - she was not - to see that her next thing is a unit test. Perfect review! I told her to do the test the next day. We both forgot. Well, I forgot. She might have just kept quiet about it.

So since we were totally unproductive and the house is covered up in camping equipment, what better thing to do than make an impromptu visit to the oh-so-cute Jack Frost Luncheonette, a local walk-up burger and ice cream place. For the first year we lived here it was very mysterious: it never opened. Then one spring day during our second year it did, but we didn't get there till almost the last day before winter closure. So far this year we've made it twice. I'd love to try their cheesesteak but so far I've just nabbed bits of my kids' gigantic ice cream cones.

An appropriate late-summer event, I think.

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wdworkman said...

We just got done with Boy Scout camp a week ago. The packing mess is definitely more fun than the unpacking mess. I didn't even try to save his shoes & socks after a week of mud and rain. They went straight to the trash. Hope he has a great time.

See Jamie blog said...

My house has been a mess this week, too, with getting organized to start school soon!

Phyllis said...

I think everybody's house is a mess this week!

wayside wanderer said...

My son went to camp over a month ago and I just recently noticed a foot problem that he brought home with him. Sigh. I am not sure what it is but I am pretty sure there is a fungus among us. Ick and yuck. Must take action.

Kara said...

Getting ready for camp is always fun! I love your last little "field trip" of the summer there...perfect!!

Cheryl said...

I need to order a lot of homeschool stuff and make a TON of plans :)