Saturday, August 21, 2010

The messy family reforms: Backsliding

Hard to keep a house clean when I'm never home. There is a reason I am called a homemaker or a housewife.

But we're doing better. OK, it took a few days to get the camping equipment out of the living room after camp. And it's a bummer to return home to dirty dishes when we have to run out the door to youth group bowling right after dinner or soccer camp right after breakfast. Everyone's trying to help, pretty much, or at least not actively fighting my efforts.

On a related note, someone asked me how I find time to blog. Most of my composition goes on in my head while I am cleaning or walking the dog. And when I sit down at the computer I am one fast typist.

Bet you did not know that I took 2nd place in my school district's shorthand contest in my senior year in high school. (Bet most of you don't even know what shorthand is.) We had to take dictation and transcribe it. Mrs. Gunn had all her money on another girl but she choked and I took the trophy. Still have it in a box somewhere, I think.

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