Thursday, August 05, 2010

The messy family reforms: Project Four

Keeping a house clean is hard work. It just is. Maybe that's why so many people feel like they are failures at it.

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The desk. This was my Dad's desk and in our shared lifetime I don't think I ever saw it clean. It was always a cluttered mess, inside and out. And yet I think my Dad knew where everything was and managed quite well with the clutter.

The desk now stands just inside my front door and is used less as a desk and more as a storage place. And sometimes dumping place. But it always gets cleaned up when company is coming. I don't have a before picture but here is the after. The cluttered table to the right holds kids' craft projects and my elephant teapot. That weird black swirly thing is the stair rail. Someday that's going to go!

Yes, this is the after picture. The contents of the desktop change every day but could include mail, craft stuff, keys, the dog's leash and (empty) disposal bags... it looks a lot nicer this way.

Someday I will put the drawer pulls back on, really I will.

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Here is another poorly-composed photo. If the seminarian looks at these, he must cringe. (He is a real photographer.) That little curio cabinet was a $5 garage sale purchase. The back is a mirror so it's hard to photograph. Hard for me, anyway. The basket underneath holds library books. I'm sure pulling and pushing it back and forth to get at the books is great for the wood floor.

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