Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday morning linkage and a question

Just sharing some reading material::

From "A Prayer for Public Worship."  This would be a beautiful prayer for a family, too.

From The Corner on National Review Online"Ground Zero Thought Experiment."  I'd been having similar thoughts on this topic myself. 

From Amy Carroll's Sharing Life blog:  "Make New Friends and Keep the Old."   I just discovered this blog today, thanks to a friend!

Saturday Review of Books at Semicolon.

The question:  if you consider Sunday a day of rest, how do you handle meals?  Is it a casual day of easy-to-prepare food?  A leftover extravaganza?  Or do you have a traditional big Sunday meal?  I think the answer may lie in whether you find cooking pleasurable and relaxing, or a chore...

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wayside wanderer said...

I usually fix lunch but not dinner on Sundays. And by "fix" it usually is not something elaborate, but something heated up. But not always. Today it was everyone for themselves, but I did have a lot of options in the fridge.