Sunday, August 15, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

This is another easy food week. We are still having summer camps and it's too busy for me to plan really nice meals. But fall is in the air and soups and stews will be coming back soon.

Monday: Salmonburgers. I try to always have a bag of these babies in my freezer. (I buy them at Costco but I've seen them in lots of stores.) They are a great emergency or busy day dinner with coleslaw and maybe some oven-fried potatoes. (I often skip the potatoes since I serve them on a bun. My family does love their carbs, though.) A little dill sauce goes well with this: equal parts mayo and either (or both) yogurt and sour cream; lemon juice, fresh or dried dill, salt and pepper to taste. Delicious and easy.

Tuesday: Randy's Famous Sunday Night Fried Rice with tofu. With egg rolls if I get to Aldi, which has our current favorite frozen version. This is becoming a weekly request.

Wednesday: Tacos or burritos: whatever combination of spiced ground beef, cheese, refried beans, tortillas, tomatoes, lettuce, and salsa that people want. And some salad and/or fruit. This is also a weekly meal for us.

Thursday: Some sort of chicken. I have drumsticks in the freezer so that's a good bet. Probably oven-fried or maybe grilled. Potato salad, I think. Probably this recipe which I've been making for years from a magazine clipping in my recipe binder. Happy to see it online.

Friday: Pasta, garlic bread, salad.

Saturday: Sandwiches: roasted red peppers, fontina cheese, basil, garlicky olive oil. Assemble the sandwiches, brush with the olive oil, bake. An old favorite from, I think, Bon Appetit magazine long long ago. Oh, the kids will have their without the peppers. Probably a green salad with this.

Now that I've been planning dinners for two weeks, I should add some lunch plans. For some reason lunch is hard for me. I think it's because for so many years I worked and always ate lunch out. So I haven't fully adjusted to making lunch at home, even though I haven't worked for about 13 years. Lunch always catches me by surprise and thus is likely to be some variation on bread and cheese with some veggies and fruit so I can pretend it's a balanced meal. I do make the seminarian's lunch most days now, and I need to sharpen up a bit. Leftovers don't always work. Tonight's salmonburgers don't lend themselves to microwaving the next day even if there were substantial leftovers. Any stray bits go to the dog anyway.

Find more menus, or post your own, at I'm an Organizing Junkie.


wayside wanderer said...

We have only recently gotten Aldi here. Do you have recommendations of things you like to buy there besides the egg rolls? So far the only thing I have found is toilet paper and a light ranch dressing. (I will look at the egg rolls next time I'm there.) We also have Sprouts so that is where I get most of my produce.

Marbel said...

WW - most of our Aldi food purchases are for nonessential items. I do buy paper and plastic products there but here are some of the foods we like:

Chips (potato, tortilla)

Canned refried beans

Chocolate chips (these are the best cheap/store brand chips in my opinion)

Canola oil

Frozen berries

Dry cereal

The whole wheat bread and hoagie rolls are pretty good; not the best but not bad for the price. There is one with no high fructose corn syrup.

Frozen egg rolls

Ice cream and ice cream treats

Frozen juice concentrates

Frozen soft pretzels to heat up in the oven

Take and bake pizza - NOT frozen, in the refrigerator area.

Most dairy products, eggs

Their store brand dark chocolate bars (can't remember the name)

Canned evaporated and sweetened condensed milk are about like everyone else's.

I do NOT like:

Canned chicken broth

Frozen pizza

Cake mixes

Frozen chicken wings (they shrink too much)

Have never tried their meat and rarely buy produce there. We usually try something new every few visits and so far have been pretty happy.

wayside wanderer said...

Thank you for this list! I am going to print it and put it in my purse so I will have it on my next visit.